Remain Teachable

No matter how long we’ve been walking with God, we always need to remain teachable and have open ears to receive wisdom from others. True submission includes being willing to be led by God AND others. Listen to those who know more than you. God can bless you when you value the anointing He’s placed on others. That’s true humility. Endeavor to get around those who know more than you and listen well. They are a precious gift to your life. Stay close to your pastor. Value your time with him or her. The anointing God has put on them to teach is for YOU and your benefit. Honor it by being there every time the doors are open. And not just filling a seat, but being on the edge of your seat, expecting to hear the answers and directions you are needing. This new year will not be great automatically. But it will be the best year yet for those who do their part. Our job is obedience, God’s part is supply! #reach #grow #love

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