Get FULL! (I’m not talking ’bout turkey dinner)

Whatever you may be facing today, face it FULL. Luke 4:1 says “And Jesus FULL of the Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led about by the Spirit in the wilderness for forty days being tempted of the devil.” We, too, are going to have to be so full of the Word & Spirit that the enemy has no in-road when we are facing a battle. Jude 20 says “You, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith; praying in the Holy Spirit.” Getting full, by reading the Word & praying in other tongues before you face that opposition, will build you up so you can OVERCOME!


2 thoughts on “Get FULL! (I’m not talking ’bout turkey dinner)

  1. Very timely for you to have written this today. Monday is surgery day for me finally. Feels like I won’t get everything done in time as preparation for it, but I can trust God that He will make sure I am ready for what lies ahead for me.

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