How to Win Battles!

David & The Ark of the Covenant

In 1 Chronicles chapter 16, this passage concerns when David was transporting the ark of the covenant to the new tent which they had prepared for it. He assigned ministers to be before the ark and musicians to play in order to celebrate and to thank and to praise the Lord God of Israel. And on that first day, Kind David assigned the chief priest and his relatives to give thanks unto the Lord.

There was constant ministry at the Ark. David knew the importance of ministering to Lord in his life so much so that not only did he dance and make his heart merry before the Lord, but he assigned people to be doing that constantly. It was their full-time occupation to worship and magnify God! After this time it says that David had nine different battles and that he obtained victory over them all! In chapter 16:8-36 are the words of David before going out to do battle. They are words of praise and thanks. Words which describe God’s many wonders and His great strength. Words that would keep God in remembrance of His covenant with Abraham unto a thousand generations. Words which spoke of his inheritance and that he was in the family of God’s anointed ones. Words that reminded God of His promise to deliver His people from all nations.

If you are facing a battle today, following this example of David will bring you victory, too! When the problem seems impossible, don’t speak the impossibility, but rather speak that with God on your side ALL things are POSSIBLE! The word impossible does not exist in His vocabulary. When you feel out of strength, remind yourself that the God of ALL STRENGTH dwells on the inside of you! Reminding yourself that the battle belongs to the Lord and all you have to do is stand and speak the Word. When you spend more time dwelling on the goodness of God and magnify His ability to move in your situation, you take the focus off of you and your circumstance and put it on God. It will cause Him to become larger than anything else in your sight and you will see yourself on the other side of that thing. So, sing and dance before the Lord while in the midst of that situation and you will walk through in VICTORY!


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