Unspoken Prayer Requests Will Be Unanswered Prayers

There is no such thing as an “unspoken prayer request”. It’s not Biblically possible to pray for someone when you don’t know what you are praying for. Because true Bible prayer involves speaking what the Word says concerning your particular situation, so you must know a scripture you are standing on and it involves releasing your faith, which is believing that when you walk away from that place of prayer that you believe without a doubt that you have that thing you’ve asked for even though it hasn’t yet manifested itself. When someone asks for prayer, they are essentially asking for you to “agree” with them in prayer and to add a portion of your faith to theirs in order to get the job done. This is called the prayer of agreement as Jesus taught us in Matt. 18:18-19. It is God’s lending system. Sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves and realize that our faith alone is not in the measure it needs to be for success. And it’s not in the abundance of prayers being said on your behalf that will get you your answer. But in just finding even one person, who can agree with you in faith, because it only takes two to agree. So, rather than beg prayers from everybody you know, find one or two people, who have PROVEN success in their prayer life to learn from. Sadly, not everybody knows yet how to pray accurately and it can bankrupt your faith by telling them all the details of your personal life. Especially if they are speaking words contrary to your position of faith. For example, what good would it do, if you are believing for healing for your loved one and others are not praying in line with that because their faith is not there yet and they instead are speaking, “Well, if they don’t get healed, Lord, please comfort them in their grief”? That’s praying against what you are believing and you don’t want others adding their unbelief to what you are believing. And when we do find someone to partner with us, if we don’t ask for something specific, how can we expect to receive something specific? Our prayers ought to be, if anything, filled with specific requests with specific scriptures we can stand firm on. God’s will IS His Word! If you can find it in the Word, then it belongs to YOU! Even though God knows all our needs He still requires us to ask, in faith, for them to be met. He is a perfect gentleman and never overrides our will. When basing our faith on a finished work of Christ, we can know with confidence that it is ALREADY done and use the authority He gave us to reign in this life, thanking Him that it is done. What are you asking for today? Give God an opportunity to meet your need. Make it specific.


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