Pray for Your Pastor

Great church on Sunday starts Saturday night! Spend some time praying for your pastor. Ask that utterance be given to them, that they may open their mouth with all boldness to make known the mystery of the Gospel. That the Lord causes their speech and preaching not to be with enticing words of human wisdom, but in manifestation of the Spirit and of miraculous power, so that the faith of those who hear them might not rest in the wisdom of man, but in the miraculous power of God! (Ephesians 6:19,20 & 1 Cor. 2:4-5) #bringyoursupply #expectmiraclessignsandwonders #bethankfulforyourpastor


2 thoughts on “Pray for Your Pastor

  1. So I was reading through these previous posts trying to catch up to the current one. This one just jumped off my iPad at me! This is exactly what my pastor taught on this past Sunday, 7/23. Now that I am reading it again here, I remember when you posted this on Facebook. Sure truth in this! Love it!!!


    1. Yes! Praise God! Our pastors need our prayers! It keeps all of us in unity, too, serving the vision TOGETHER! And when we get into unity, miracles, signs and wonders can flow!


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