The Acts of the Church!

Did you know the presence and power of God is evident everywhere, ready for action at a moments notice? When the Holy Spirit made His entrance into the earth on the day of Pentecost, He never left! Jesus said it would be far better for us if He went away, because then He could send the H.S. to dwell IN each of us! Before that, you’d have to get to Jesus if you needed the power in your situation because the power was confined to His body. Now He dwells in us so we can be the conduit to reach a lost and hurting world. And He ALWAYS wants to manifest, if we cooperate and give Him opportunity. Just yesterday, while in the grocery store, God spoke to my spirit and when I obeyed I was blessed with the opportunity to lay hands on someone with MS and release healing power into their body! Just the small amount of power that is in us is all it takes to change someone’s situation! Be sensitive, be available! I believe we are living in the days of the greatest manifestations of the Holy Spirit the world has ever seen! #Mark16#Romans8 #theactsofthechurch

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