The Power of the Tongue

the power of the tongue

If you don’t like the things that are happening in your life, you may need to check up on what you’ve been SAYING! Because Jesus said we will have whatever we believe and say! There will be opposition and challenges that come knocking at each of our doors in life, but if we speak words that are in line with what God says and not in line with what we are seeing, then we can expect change.

Do you have a child going through an illness? Do you say, “Well, they get this every winter or it’s just their ‘XYZ’ flaring up again” or “We come from a long line of that disease, my grandpa had it and my mother had it and I’ll probably get it, too.” Some say, “But what can we do? That IS the truth, right?” But Jesus said that when we speak death, we will eventually have death. But that we DO have the power to speak LIFE. It’s all about re-training our tongue.

If you need healing for your body, do not continue to speak sickness, but speak only about the healing that Jesus made yours. If you need your financial situation to turn around stop speaking about never having enough. The more you feed on His Words of victory for your life, the more sensitive you will be and when you speak the wrong thing, you’ll know in your heart that you shouldn’t have. Just ask for forgiveness and then speak LIFE. Only YOU can do your speaking! God has put the responsibility in your own mouth. Go to the Word of God and find where He promises what you have need of and then meditate on that. Read it out loud over and over again until it becomes a part of your spirit. The Bible says the Word is “health to all your flesh”.  It is healthy to speak the Word over every situation in your life. Then when you speak, change will come!

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