Forming Beliefs in Others is Work

“The only way to work for God is to PLANT or WATER seed (the Word) in people.”~Bro. Hagin~ This is our daily work. Even the Apostle Paul was frustrated by the lack of results he saw in those he sowed into. Gal. 4:11,19 “I fear for you that perhaps I have LABORED over you in vain. My children, with whom I am again in LABOR until Christ is formed in you.” Paul saw the sowing and watering of the Word in people’s lives as labor. Forming beliefs in people is work! Don’t grow weary in well-doing, friends. We are co-laboring with God (Wow! What a privilege!) and as we sow and water, HE will bring the increase! We are going to have to do it by faith, just like everything else that we believe Him for! So, always look with eyes of faith. Seeing the potential in others, not their seemingly constant shortcomings. Seeing them walking by faith, overcoming every difficulty and obstacle! Declare the promise of fruition of those seeds over their lives and believe, by faith, that the Word IS WORKING in them. That they, too will be walking in all the VICTORY God has made available to them! #keepmovingforward #donotbemoved #leadbyexample


2 thoughts on “Forming Beliefs in Others is Work

  1. Very timely Word for me. I have been laboring over a coworker of mine for quite some time. The water just doesn’t seem to seep into her fallow ground very easily. You are right! I need to keep at it. The Word works in people’s hearts and affects them. đź’–


  2. Yes, Gail! Keep at it! I think it’s so freeing when we come to the realization that the harvest belongs to the Lord. We do not need to strive. We cannot take credit for it. But we always make ourselves available to be sowing and watering those seeds. We may not be the one who gets to be there to see it come to fruition, and that’s okay.


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