Speak Life!

If the Word says that we can have what we say, and we don’t like what we are having, maybe we should check up on what we are saying. Our words are the most powerful thing we have. “…He will be satisfied with the product of his lips. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” (Prov.18:20,21) If you’ve been in the habit of speaking the wrong things over yourself and your family, ask the Lord to arrest you when you do and begin to create a new habit of speaking LIFE-filled words. It may take some time to reverse things you’ve set into motion, but keep moving forward. Don’t ever make jokes about your ‘failing health’, ‘aging body’ or children that seem to be ‘little devils’. It may seem harmless, but every idle word we speak empowers either the blessing or the curse in our lives (Deut. 30:19). Choose wisely. Speak life and see what you want come to pass!

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