Exceeding Great Power!

Exceeding Great Power

We need to know that there is a power that we have FULL access to that is GREATER than anything that we may be facing! I love that Paul said it was an EXCEEDING, GREAT and SURPASSING POWER! Meaning that when compared to the power of the devil, the power of sin, the power of wrong thinking, the power of a habit or addiction or anything that would try to stand in your way from being and doing all you’ve been called to do, it’s not even in the same category. Paul prayed that we would get a revelation of this power that is IN us! Why? So, we would go out and change our world. And it begins with something taking place within us. When we truly get a revelation it will always propel us to action! Faith is not just what we believe, but that which we believe and ACT on! Pray these verses in Ephesians 1:17-23 over yourself daily and watch how the revelation of truth will become so bright in you that no matter what you come up against, you will rise up, fortified in faith, and demand of the devil, everything that Jesus made yours!

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