Cast Your Burdens

Psalm 55

Psalm 55:22 “Cast your burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.” We all know that God wants to carry our burdens for us and wants to see us walking free of things that weigh us down. But how exactly do we ‘cast’ them upon Him?

To cast means ‘to hurl or throw with force’. We are not to just easily hand over our burdens, but to throw them from us with force. In other words, it may take some effort on our part to take that which hinders us and hurl it far from ourselves, trusting that God will sustain us. To sustain means ‘to hold up or keep from falling’.

If you were deep sea fishing, you’d need to cast your line out into the depths of the ocean in order to catch something. Just sitting on the boat will not get the job done. It takes some effort on your part to participate in the expedition. In the ocean, where the fish are very big and strong, you would then need to harness your pole to the boat as the fish can overpower you while you try to reel them in and could possibly pull you overboard.

As the Lord sustains us, He is like that harness that holds us stationary and in place to keep us from falling. He will never allow His righteous ones to be shaken. Once you cast it on Him, don’t pull it back immediately. If you’ve cast it, leave it there by faith, believing God is working mightily on your behalf and will give you something wonderful in its place. Speak this Word back to Him! That He will sustain you and not allow you to be shaken! That builds your faith AND gives Him the permission He needs to do His part, which is to bring POWER into your situation. His part is power, our part is speaking the Word by faith.


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